Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Designs In 2017 | Trending Designer Lehengas

Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Designs

Wedding is the most precious and exclusive occasion for every bride. Every girl wishes to look like a queen on her wedding day. Wedding is a pulpit for every girl to begin her new life. To look amazing on this precious day, wearing designer lehengas play an important role. Since ancient time, lehenga cholis are in Indian culture. Designer lehenga enhance the women beauty of girls. Wedding is the most significant function that demand intense selections of lehenga .We have different type of people with their different preferences and choices. Some girls wish to have simple and stylish wedding lehenga with less work and some want to have traditional look by choosing heavy embroidered work lehenga. The bride is the center of attraction by everyone. She must look like the most gorgeous bride on her wedding day.

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Rights Of A Second Wife In India | Current Legal Rights For Second Wives

Rights Of A Second Wife In India

In India, second marriages are considered null and illegal in the eyes of law. Any relationship formed as a result of second marriage is also considered invalid. Our Indian law is quiet clear regarding second marriage. However, second marriage is accustomed convenance in Indian community. Due to contradiction between social system and law, second wife have got some safeguard measures under Indian law. As per the supreme court of India, if any second marriage takes place without disclosing the subsistence of first marriage, then it is considered as void. In case any male perform his second marriage without disclosing about his first marriage, then second wife is liable to claim her rights.

Rights Of A Second Wife In India

According to Hindu marriage act, sec 11 second marriages are conside...

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Bride Dressing Tips For Mehendi Ceremony | What To Wear On Mehendi Ceremony

Bride Dressing Tips For Mehendi Ceremony

Indian wedding is quiet famous for the most exciting ritual mehandi. This is the most ravishing ceremony by every female. Since ancient period, Mehandi ceremony is in tradition amongst most of the communities in India. Good dressing sense symbolizes your prestige and great looks Mehendi ceremony is very special for every bride and the most significant thing is the perfect dressing sense for this special occasion. In this ceremony, the female’s sings songs, celebration, dance and beautiful mehandi designs are applied to the hands and feet’s of bride. It is believed that mehandi ritual has lot of significance in Indian marriages. Though, the mehandi ceremony lasts for short period of time only, but every bride wants to look gorgeous on this fascinating day. The bride has to take care that she is comfortable in her outfits while applying mehandi. This is the private moment of your life where close friends, family member are invited to engage in contentment of bride. Always try to wear such outfits that make you feel comfortable as well as maintain your prestige.

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Pre-Wedding Diet Plan For Bride | Tips To Lose Weight Before Marriage

Pre-Wedding Diet Plan For Bride

Girls are very particular about their perfect body and want to look splendid on their most precious moment of lives marriage. It is a journey which is predictable to last until the end of the life. Finally, the day is not so far to start a new chapter of your life. Lots of things regarding wedding preparations must be functioning in your mind. It might be that you are engrossed in your marriage day preparations .But the most important thing is you have to look astonishing among all. So, Make sure to take care of your skin, diet plan, hairs etc. to look best at your special day. Majority of females must be wondering about their weight loss and looking for measures to get a perfect body shape. Wedding preparations are very stressful; therefore, it can be an arduous task to manage everything especially to have perfect body figure.

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Indian Wedding Gift Registry Tips And Tricks | Wedding Registry In India

Indian Wedding Gift Registry Tips And Tricks

Wedding symbolizes the new inception of your life. There are lots of things which have to be take care like decor, preparations for guests; etc. and wedding registry is one of the most unique preparations that have to be done before three months from wedding. In India, majority of people unaware about wedding gift registry, first let’s know about wedding gift registry. It is basically a first move towards establishing your new house with your partner. The couple percolate the Wedding gift registry by short listing the items they want to have in their new house. Indian wedding gift registry is quiet popular in west where partner registers with a grand store of their wish list items.

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10 Grand Entrance Ideas For Your Marriage | Wedding Entrance Creative Ways

10 Grand Entrance Ideas For Your Marriage

Marriage is most extraordinary moment of our lives and to make it more rememberable, each one of us wants to present ourselves as MR. and MRS. in front of all guests and friends. Have you ever think about your grand entry for your wedding? Most of the people will say no because they assume that grand entrance are only reserved for the TV shows and celebrities. In short, the people are clown of confined imagination. In reality, it’s not true but the thing is you have to come outside from your limited imagination. Did you know, your marriage can become a rememberable moment for you by applying wedding entrance creative ways? Every individual want to have some different and grand entry for their marriage.

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How To Find The Best Bridal Makeup Artist For Your Indian Wedding

How To Find The Best Bridal Makeup Artist

Wedding is a very special day for every bride. Every girl wants to look beautiful and perfect on this auspicious day. Wedding is the day where all eyes are on the bride`s beautiful face and her looks. Almost every girl dream to look like princess on her wedding day and when that day arrives, the bride put her complete efforts to look the best and gorgeous. Makeup is the beauty of every bride which makes her look more dazzling. But did you know you small mistake regarding makeup can spoil your mood at your wedding. So, always hire an experienced and best makeup artist for you. However, finding the best bridal makeup artist can be a tough task.

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Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals | Gujarati Marriage Rituals, Tradition

Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals

In India, weddings are celebrated with lot fun and enthusiasm and Gujarati wedding is one of the popular one among all. Gujarati weddings are very famous for its livelihood, cheerful colors, and rich style marriages. Even the Gujarati’s are very excited and festive people. There is complete atmosphere of traditional customs and rituals with full enjoyment in Gujarati wedding. Moreover, Gujaratis are very fond of enjoying and celebrating festive occasions especially when it comes to Gujarati wedding.

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Ideal Age Difference In Marriage | Perfect Age Gap Between Husband And Wife

Ideal Age Difference In Marriage

Since past times, age gap has been considered one of the most conspicuous factors in marriage. It is very crucial when it comes about successful and long lasting married relationship. If we consider the perspective of our older generation like grandparents, they used to consider the age gap very seriously. In their times, the girls are married before they attained the age of puberty and boy also get marriage in small age. The age difference is very large between husbands and wives.

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How To Choose Bridal Jewellery | Wedding Jewelry Tips For Your Marriage Dress

How To Choose Bridal Jewellery

The jewellery is the most esteemed thing for the brides. Bridal jewelry is the vital segment of bride`s look at the wedding day. The topmost priority of bride on her wedding day is to look beautiful and perfect with lovely jewllery and wedding attire. Each ornament which is worn by the bride personifies the tradition of Indian culture. Bridal jewelry plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the brides. There is hardly any bride who doesn’t like to wear jewelry on her wedding day. Without it, the bride looks incomplete.

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