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7 Unique Wedding Themes | Ideas That Make Your Marriage Day Memorable

7 Unique Wedding Themes

7 Unique Wedding ThemesA wedding is a wonderful occasion which is very precious and memorable moment for you and your near and dear ones. Now theme wedding is gaining lot of importance in the Indian wedding market. But majority of people don’t know even, “what is a wedding theme”. But here you will come to know about it. Indian wedding themes are great approach through which you can make your marriage more special. Wedding themes makes your dreams wedding comes true. The wedding themes are applied by guests as well as hosts also. It is a good experience to celebrate your marriage in a unique and stylish way. Now a day’s various wedding event organizations provide innovative ideas that make your marriage day memorable. If you want to have latest wedding themes, then try the below given 7 unique wedding themes.

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Dos And Don’ts For A Hindu Marriage | What & What Not To Do In Indian Shaadi

Dos and Don’ts for a Hindu Marriage

Dos and Don'ts for a Hindu MarriageHindu marriages itself indicate the traditions, customs and rituals. They are celebrated with lot of fun and enthusiasm. Indian wedding is said to be the most important ceremony followed by the Hindus. An Indian wedding establish the relationship between two people and their families. Lot of customs and traditions are followed in a Hindu marriage. The ceremonies of Hindu marriage are basically divided in three phase’s -pre wedding rituals, marriage day customs and post marriage customs. All the customs performed in these three phase signify a deep meaning of marriage. But there are some things which you must know about what & what not to do in Indian shaadi. If you’re going to attend an Indian marriage for the first time, then you must consider the Do`s and Don’ts for a Hindu marriage.

What & Wh...

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10 Tips To Save Money On Your Marriage | Ways To Cut On Indian Wedding Costs

10 Tips To Save Money On Your Marriage

10 Tips To Save Money On Your MarriageMoney is very important for human beings. It is the lifeblood of our lives. Weddings in India are celebrated with full joy and happiness but sometimes lack of financial resources lead to various obstacles in weddings. An Indian wedding commonly lasts for three-four days. Therefore, Indian weddings are very expensive in terms of multiple events, dresses, jewelleries, decoration, multiple food items and all these things are very important for you and your family. Social perception says that marriage basically reflects your personality and way of living standard. So, it can be very costly and difficult to afford if you have no idea to Save Money on your Marriage. If you want a classy marriage in your budget then follow the below given tips to save money on your marriage. There are very simple and effective ways to cut on Indian wedding costs.

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How To Financially Prepare For Marriage | Financial Tips Before Marriage

How to Financially Prepare for Marriage

Finance plays a significant role in the entire arrangements of Marriage.  Therefore, finance has to be managed or planned in such a way that it doesn’t lead to complications at wedding time. As majority of couples are getting divorced due to financial problems only. When the topic comes of marriage, then financial translucent is very necessary. It’s important to know your financial Status meeting the requirements of marriage; otherwise it can harm your relationship afterwards.

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How To Apply For Marriage Certificate In India | Register Your Marriage, Process

How to Apply For Marriage Certificate in India

How to Apply For Marriage Certificate in IndiaMarriage certificate is considered as very important credentials in India. It is a legal proclamation which signifies the marriage of two people. In short, it is an official proof of marriage. In India, the government is responsible to issue this document after the marriage gets registered. Marriage affidavit may be desired for various reasons like during child custody, during dissolution of marriage, women feel secure at society, convenient to getting visa, and etc. A very important thing you must know is that Indian marriages are liable to register under the Hindu marriage Act 1955 and Special marriage Act 1954 and Parsi marriage Act.  

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