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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage, Which Is Better? Pros & Cons Of Both

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage Vs Arranged MarriageMarriage is an imperative social foundation. Every person wants to have suitable partner and this can be possible by choosing a good criteria. If we talk about Love marriage and Arranged marriage, both processes have different criteria. Let’s begin with Love marriage; we can signify its meaning from its name itself. In this individual chooses his soul mates itself only. Love marriages are widely preferred in almost every part of India due to modern outlook. While on other hand, in Arranged marriages, family and society of individual plays an important role in choosing a perfect partner.

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Top Secrets That Husband Don’t Tell Their Wives | What Married Men Hide

Top Secrets That Husband Don’t Tell Their Wives

Top Secrets That Husband Don’t Tell Their WivesMarriage is a precious bond between two souls. It doesn’t indicate the relationship between two persons but also demands sharing everything about each other lives. But all husbands are not same; they are not being honest to their wives. In short they keep secrets. Have you ever been felt that your husband is hiding something from you? Most of the answers will be yes. Men do not have same expressing power as women have, so the males do not like to talk on sensitive subjects with their partners. But do you know the secrets can ruin your marriage life.

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