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Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals | Pre-Wedding Hindu Customs & Rituals Guide

Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals

Hindu weddings are known for their impressive customs and rituals. They are very bountiful and vast. It last for five to six days. Hindu marriages are known for its outstanding traditions and rituals. In India, Hindu wedding is known as vivah. Moreover, a Hindu marriage is the utmost important devotional custom in Indian religiosity. Hindu wedding indicates the lovable bond between two individuals. However, the most essential segment of Hindu weddings is the pre- marriage rituals which are prepared by the bride and groom families and their dear ones.

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Bengali Marriages Dates In 2017 | Bengali Hindu Muhurat Dates With Time

Bengali Marriages Dates 

Bengali marriages commonly held in Bengal and celebrated by the Bengalis. The Bengali marriage ceremony has lot of events and rituals that last for many days. The most interesting marriage ceremony is the kabin which states the official attestation of wedding and Bou Bhat marriage ceremony which signifies the wedding reception. However, every district has their different wedding rituals among Bengalis. Also there is pre- marriage ceremony and post- marriage ceremony through which the couples and their loved ones full enjoy with each other.

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Gemstones To Wear For A Successful Marriage | Birthstones For Happy Marriage

Gemstones To Wear For A Successful Marriage

Marriages have a vital role in our lives. To make it successful is the major responsibility. But in this modern complex world, marriages are dealing with various complications that ruin the happiness of the couples. Some marriages get settled easily but some lead to big obstacles that are difficult to solve. It’s a fact that some hurdles in marriage life are due to detrimental planetary consequences. Out of all planets, Venus is most significant factor for males wedding and sun and mars are significant for females wedding.

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