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Tips For Healthy Relationships With Partner | Perfect Relationship Secrets

Tips For Healthy Relationships With Partner

The most vital factor to build healthy relationship with a partner is effective communication. A healthy relationship is a successful component for happy married life. If you do not have a good relationship with your partner, then it will have unconstructive effect on your married life. Healthy and loving relationships are very significant for our good fortune and happiness. According to the survey, 50percent of couples are resulting in separation due to non-healthy relationship and various other related issues. But if you have a perfect relationship with your partner, then it can strengthen your all important life aspects like your working, and health life, etc.

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Sikh Wedding Customs And Rituals | Pre & Post Sikhism Marriage Rituals

Sikh Wedding Customs and Rituals

India is very much concerned about their traditions; culture and rituals. Sikh marriages are quiet amazing and last for four to five days. Sikh weddings are not similar to Hindu weddings. Sikh weddings are performed in very simple manner. And it is very convenient to follow each and every ritual and customs practices.

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Post Indian Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies | After Marriage Hindu Rituals

Post Indian Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies

Indian weddings are the momentous time for the bride and groom. Indians are very peculiar about wedding rituals and ceremonies. There are many customs and rituals of the wedding, which basically starts from pre- wedding customs and gets completed with post Indian wedding ritual and ceremonies. After the marriage, there are some rituals left which are celebrated after wedding only, like blessing ceremony to couple, vidai of bride, reception, griha pravesh, bride moo dikhai .Wedding signifies love, affection and commitment and its is the most memorial part of life. Wedding is a special occasion for both the bride and the groom.

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Documents Required For Court Marriage In India | Court Marriage Procedure

Documents Required For Court Marriage In India

Documents Required For Court Marriage In IndiaTo get married can be a cumbersome task but to do a court marriage is much more difficult. Court marriage in India is commemorates under the Special Marriage Act 1954. It is solemnized between men and women impartial to their caste, sex and religion. The documents and procedures for court marriages are very dissimilar from the Indian traditional weddings. To perform the court marriage, the couple can straightly apply for the registrar of marriage to get the marriage attestation. Under the court marriage even, an Indian can perform marriage with a foreigner. Therefore, court marriage is somehow a difficult task because there are lots of formalities and documents are required. So, if you are thinking for court marriage, then have a look below we have provided essential documents required for court marriage in India. Also follow the below steps by checking our given court marriage procedure

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Best Honeymoon Destinations In India In January 2017 | Winter Honeymoon Places

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

As we know, no one has so much time to spent just after  the wedding, but the honeymoon is worth waiting for and these are the cherish full memories that are unforgettable. Honeymoon is the very special and beautiful moment of our lives. As, Christmas and New Year is coming, there is a great opportunity for newlywed couples to explore beautiful places in India for their honeymoon. It is the time when there is happiness and love all around which cherish our lives. Earlier, people used to visit abroad for their honeymoon .But now people are choosing India for their honeymoon destination. Now, India also has beautiful and exotic places which are popular for the honeymoon destinations.

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