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a few Things We do very Well


Perfect Shadi promises to provide a safe progressive matchmaking platform. Offer new matchmaking features to meet member expectations and Vibes. Every single profile that we display on our site is fully verified to the core. So no need to worry about fake profiles.


If you both happen to live in the same place, then it may be a good idea to meet up with one another.No need to feel shy or awkward when talking to someone new. Even if it does not work out romantically, at least you got some practice with social skills and Buddy! maybe you made a new friend. No need to worry about your privacy,  Perfect shadi strictly follow the rules of confidentiality

Service Promise

Perfect Shadi is displaying profiles of best and lovely people to get the perfect match. It's get bit shy  to start it off, But We're with you till  The end. We're proud to mention that millions of users have been impressed with our online marriage portal with happy wrap-ups.


Once you match with a potential partner on perfect shadi, you might be a bit nervous and not know how to reach out to them. More importantly, you might want to be careful about a few things before contacting them if you want to ensure a positive response.  We provide counseling to make you confident before making a move.