Brahmin Wedding Rituals | South Indian Brahmin Wedding Customs & Rituals

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Brahmin Wedding RitualsSouth Indian Brahmin weddings are known for its uniqueness and devotional love towards their rituals and ceremonies. South Indian Brahmin weddings are very charming and completely different from northern wedding rituals. It gave a lot of emphasis to their customs and traditions and therefore, this is the finest part of Brahmin weddings. Lots of appealing ceremonies take place in south Indian Brahmin wedding. South Brahmin families can even have different customs according to Veda and sutra. However, the south Indian Brahmin marriage is somehow a complicated to perform. But still, every south Indian Brahmin performs it with its love and affection towards their community. The Brahmins rituals and customs have attained lot of concernment among south Indian Brahmins. If you are a Brahmin and looking for Brahmin wedding rituals. Then, read below given amazing south Indian Brahmin wedding customs and rituals.

South Indian Brahmin Wedding Customs & Rituals


2The vratham is the first ritual of south Indian Brahmin wedding. This ritual is performed individually by the bride and groom. In this ceremony, kappu, a type of holy thread is tied in the hand of bride to protect her from evil spirits. And groom pray in front of god soma, god Indra and god Chandra to have happy married life in future. Vratham ceremony is all about to symbolize the acceptance of new life with the end of brahamcharya.

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Janavasam & Nischaiyartham 3The family of groom is invited in a temple to carry out janavasam. It is basically done to solve the difference between two families if any. The mother of bride brings banana leaves, turmeric, clothes and dry fruits for the groom. Then the couple is escorted in a wonderful; decorated car. Then, both families depart for the nischaiyartham ceremony. In this ritual, ganeshji pooja take place with an engagement ceremony of couples by exchanging their rings.

Kasi Yatra

4Another important ritual of south Indian Brahmin wedding is kasi yatra. In this ceremony, the groom is supposed to do a kasi yatra prior to wedding along with umbrella, bamboos, fan and slippers. It depends upon the community where the groom is to send for kasi yatra. On the way of this yatra, the father of bride advises and makes him understand the importance of marriage over asceticism. Then, the groom also promises his father- in -law to keep his daughter happy in every situation. In short, this ritual helps to comprehend between married life and asceticism.

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Exchange Of Garlands

5A beautiful ceremony of garlands takes place at the time of wedding ceremony. The bride and groom promise to each other to be with each other. Their close friends or uncles lift the bride and groom to exchange the garlands. This ceremony signifies the merger of two souls. And both accept each other with a hug.

The Unjal Ceremony

6After the garlands ceremony, the couple return back to home and lot of fun and enjoyment is there. Family, friends sing songs and dance for their arrival. The couple is served with banana and milk. Rice balls are also prepared by the all females of house and thrown in four corners to protect couple from evil spirits.

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Vara Pusja (Varapreshanam)

7As we know a new bride is the form of laxami ji. Similarly, groom is assumed in from of god maha Vishnu for the bride family. In this ritual, vara puja takes place where the groom`s feet are washed to welcome the groom. Then the religious priest of Brahmins solemnizes the ceremony by droning lovely songs of praise. The priest also announced the names of couples, their parents and gotra of couple in front of all guests.

Kanya Dhanam And Aani Grahanam

8These are the momentous rituals of south Indian Brahmins. First kanya dhanam takes place in which bride`s father make her daughter sit on his lap and show in such a way as he is giving her daughter to groom as a gift. Then aani grahanam takes place. It actually means when bride and groom hold each other hands while taking saptha padhi.

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Saptha Padhi

9Followed by anni grahanam, the bride and groom take seven rounds which are known as saptha padhi. Brahmins believe that marriage is completed legally with seven steps. The priest recite the seven mantras which play a vital role in couple`s life. The couple takes the oath they will always love each other; remain together by sharing all worries and happiness.

Griha Parvesham

10After the marriage ceremony done, the bride has to depart from her home and welcomed in a new home with his husband. Griha pravesham is done by the bride mother-in law very nicely and with good wishes.

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11The last and most enjoyable south Indian wedding Brahmin ceremony is nalungu.In the evening, the bride and groom are asked to relax and have enjoyment by playing some games like flouting papads over each other, fanning groom, coconut is rolled from bride to groom etc.Also the close friends and family members sings songs for the newly married couples.

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