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Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals | Gujarati Marriage Rituals, Tradition

Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals

In India, weddings are celebrated with lot fun and enthusiasm and Gujarati wedding is one of the popular one among all. Gujarati weddings are very famous for its livelihood, cheerful colors, and rich style marriages. Even the Gujarati’s are very excited and festive people. There is complete atmosphere of traditional customs and rituals with full enjoyment in Gujarati wedding. Moreover, Gujaratis are very fond of enjoying and celebrating festive occasions especially when it comes to Gujarati wedding.

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Brahmin Wedding Rituals | South Indian Brahmin Wedding Customs & Rituals

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Brahmin Wedding RitualsSouth Indian Brahmin weddings are known for its uniqueness and devotional love towards their rituals and ceremonies. South Indian Brahmin weddings are very charming and completely different from northern wedding rituals. It gave a lot of emphasis to their customs and traditions and therefore, this is the finest part of Brahmin weddings. Lots of appealing ceremonies take place in south Indian Brahmin wedding. South Brahmin families can even have different customs according to Veda and sutra. However, the south Indian Brahmin marriage is somehow a complicated to perform. But still, every south Indian Brahmin performs it with its love and affection towards their community. The Brahmins rituals and customs have attained lot of concernment among south Indian Brahmins. If you are a Brahmin and looking for Brahmin wedding rituals. Then, read below given amazing south Indian Brahmin wedding customs and rituals.

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Muslim Wedding Rituals And Customs | Islamic Pre/Post Wedding Rituals

Muslim Wedding Rituals And Customs

Muslim weddings are known for their simplicity and elegancy. In Urdu, we called Muslim wedding as Nikah. The importance of Muslim wedding has significant role in Islam religion. The Muslim wedding rituals and customs greatly vary from different religions. Every rituals and customs of Muslim wedding is related to the practices that prevail in the world of Muslims. Islamic pre/post wedding rituals may vary around the world due to different rules and regulations by the government.

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Sikh Wedding Customs And Rituals | Pre & Post Sikhism Marriage Rituals

Sikh Wedding Customs and Rituals

India is very much concerned about their traditions; culture and rituals. Sikh marriages are quiet amazing and last for four to five days. Sikh weddings are not similar to Hindu weddings. Sikh weddings are performed in very simple manner. And it is very convenient to follow each and every ritual and customs practices.

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Post Indian Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies | After Marriage Hindu Rituals

Post Indian Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies

Indian weddings are the momentous time for the bride and groom. Indians are very peculiar about wedding rituals and ceremonies. There are many customs and rituals of the wedding, which basically starts from pre- wedding customs and gets completed with post Indian wedding ritual and ceremonies. After the marriage, there are some rituals left which are celebrated after wedding only, like blessing ceremony to couple, vidai of bride, reception, griha pravesh, bride moo dikhai .Wedding signifies love, affection and commitment and its is the most memorial part of life. Wedding is a special occasion for both the bride and the groom.

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Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals | Pre-Wedding Hindu Customs & Rituals Guide

Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals

Hindu weddings are known for their impressive customs and rituals. They are very bountiful and vast. It last for five to six days. Hindu marriages are known for its outstanding traditions and rituals. In India, Hindu wedding is known as vivah. Moreover, a Hindu marriage is the utmost important devotional custom in Indian religiosity. Hindu wedding indicates the lovable bond between two individuals. However, the most essential segment of Hindu weddings is the pre- marriage rituals which are prepared by the bride and groom families and their dear ones.

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