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Documents Required For Court Marriage In India | Court Marriage Procedure

Documents Required For Court Marriage In India

Documents Required For Court Marriage In IndiaTo get married can be a cumbersome task but to do a court marriage is much more difficult. Court marriage in India is commemorates under the Special Marriage Act 1954. It is solemnized between men and women impartial to their caste, sex and religion. The documents and procedures for court marriages are very dissimilar from the Indian traditional weddings. To perform the court marriage, the couple can straightly apply for the registrar of marriage to get the marriage attestation. Under the court marriage even, an Indian can perform marriage with a foreigner. Therefore, court marriage is somehow a difficult task because there are lots of formalities and documents are required. So, if you are thinking for court marriage, then have a look below we have provided essential documents required for court marriage in India. Also follow the below steps by checking our given court marriage procedure

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Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals | Pre-Wedding Hindu Customs & Rituals Guide

Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals

Hindu weddings are known for their impressive customs and rituals. They are very bountiful and vast. It last for five to six days. Hindu marriages are known for its outstanding traditions and rituals. In India, Hindu wedding is known as vivah. Moreover, a Hindu marriage is the utmost important devotional custom in Indian religiosity. Hindu wedding indicates the lovable bond between two individuals. However, the most essential segment of Hindu weddings is the pre- marriage rituals which are prepared by the bride and groom families and their dear ones.

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Bengali Marriages Dates In 2017 | Bengali Hindu Muhurat Dates With Time

Bengali Marriages Dates 

Bengali marriages commonly held in Bengal and celebrated by the Bengalis. The Bengali marriage ceremony has lot of events and rituals that last for many days. The most interesting marriage ceremony is the kabin which states the official attestation of wedding and Bou Bhat marriage ceremony which signifies the wedding reception. However, every district has their different wedding rituals among Bengalis. Also there is pre- marriage ceremony and post- marriage ceremony through which the couples and their loved ones full enjoy with each other.

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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage, Which Is Better? Pros & Cons Of Both

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage Vs Arranged MarriageMarriage is an imperative social foundation. Every person wants to have suitable partner and this can be possible by choosing a good criteria. If we talk about Love marriage and Arranged marriage, both processes have different criteria. Let’s begin with Love marriage; we can signify its meaning from its name itself. In this individual chooses his soul mates itself only. Love marriages are widely preferred in almost every part of India due to modern outlook. While on other hand, in Arranged marriages, family and society of individual plays an important role in choosing a perfect partner.

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How To Prepare Your Child For Your Second Marriage | Remarrying With Kids

How To Prepare Your Child For Your Second Marriage

How To Prepare Your Child For Your Second MarriageIn this complex world, no individual can survive alone. Even your first marriage was unsuccessful; still you miss a partner to share your joys and sorrows. Therefore, second marriage become an important priory for most of the people but some avoid it due to their complex past relationships. The main reason to avoid second marriage is that people cannot leave their kids behind. A topic of second marriage is sensitive which requisite you to be calm and patient for preparing your child for your second marriage. However, parenting is a crucial task somewhere which requires your great child foundation to accept a new mother or father.

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Tips for Successful Second Marriages | Smart Marriage Guide for Divorcee

Tips for Successful Second Marriages

According to our Indian religion and culture, marriage plays a vital role in our lives. It is said to be the most important type of relationship we can had with our partner in bringing up our upcoming generation. Marriage is long lasting life commitment which deprived and restricted our self indulgence and self centeredness. These two things negatively harm our marriage relationship. But due to some bad situations, your first marriage might not be successful because we live in that world where no one is perfect. So, whether you are widowed or first marriage was unsuccessful or divorced then second marriage can be a good option. Hence, we provide some tips for successful second marriages that can improve your future life to a great extent. If you are divorcee then you can follow this smart marriage guide for second marriage.

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