Documents Required For Court Marriage In India | Court Marriage Procedure

Documents Required For Court Marriage In India

Documents Required For Court Marriage In IndiaTo get married can be a cumbersome task but to do a court marriage is much more difficult. Court marriage in India is commemorates under the Special Marriage Act 1954. It is solemnized between men and women impartial to their caste, sex and religion. The documents and procedures for court marriages are very dissimilar from the Indian traditional weddings. To perform the court marriage, the couple can straightly apply for the registrar of marriage to get the marriage attestation. Under the court marriage even, an Indian can perform marriage with a foreigner. Therefore, court marriage is somehow a difficult task because there are lots of formalities and documents are required. So, if you are thinking for court marriage, then have a look below we have provided essential documents required for court marriage in India. Also follow the below steps by checking our given court marriage procedure

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Documents Required For Court Marriage


Given below is essential documents lists that are necessary for court marriage. Please note; all these documents must be acknowledge and properly attached with filled form and recommended fees.

  • Minimum five passport size pictures of male and female.
  • Residence proof in from of passport, passbook of bank, voter id, adhhar card, rent deed of particular male and female.
  • Examination certificate of 10th and 12thor birth attestation and PAN card of both the parties.
  • Two witnesses of concern male and female. It may be their family member or any other relative with their voter id proofs.
  • If one partner is divorced, then proof of divorce copy from the court.
  • If anyone person was marred in the past, then death certificate is applicable.

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Court Marriage Procedure


  1. One partner should inform about the intended marriage by filing a notice.
  2. The notice filled by the person must contain each and every personal detail of couple like name, address, date of birth, place of birth and at least two passport sized pictures.
  3. The notice is formulated to get published on the office board of registrar for about a month. At that time, if any one has any queries or objection related to the intended marriage, then he/she is freely allowed to file the grievance. But the person must be having a strong proof. All the queries and objections are carefully cross-examined by the registrar.
  4. In case there is no opposition from any of the party, and then the marriage can be performed within 90days.
  5. The date which is finalized by the registrar, on that date, the couple have to be available in the registrar office. The Bride and groom must be present along with four witnesses with their id proofs .Witnesses are especially called to sign on the application form and register.
  6. Next step is for the couple to exchange their wedding rings at the certification time if registrars don’t have any objection regarding small ritual.
  7. Then, the couple can collect their marriage attestation within seven days after the certification of marriage.
  8. You can collect the marriage certificate within a week after the marriage is registered.

With this, the procedure of court marriage gets completed .So, properly follow all above steps to perform court marriage and make sure that you submit each and every document with complete information.

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