10 Grand Entrance Ideas For Your Marriage | Wedding Entrance Creative Ways

10 Grand Entrance Ideas For Your Marriage

Marriage is most extraordinary moment of our lives and to make it more rememberable, each one of us wants to present ourselves as MR. and MRS. in front of all guests and friends. Have you ever think about your grand entry for your wedding? Most of the people will say no because they assume that grand entrance are only reserved for the TV shows and celebrities. In short, the people are clown of confined imagination. In reality, it’s not true but the thing is you have to come outside from your limited imagination. Did you know, your marriage can become a rememberable moment for you by applying wedding entrance creative ways? Every individual want to have some different and grand entry for their marriage.

Grand Entrance Ideas For Your Marriage

Entrance is the first thing for the couple and also the first impression which has topmost consequence. Your entrance is the moment which is the most awaited by everyone .Your grand entrance can make long lasting impact on your family, friends and relatives. However, a grand auspicious wedding entrance has capability to fascinate and attract your guests. Your good entrance at your wedding is the beginning of your new journey of life. So, make it unforgettable by following our given below 10 grand entrance ideas for your marriage. Let your audience enjoy and gossiping about your superb and awesome grand entrance .So, start choosing your best idea by scrolling down wedding entrance creative ways.

Wedding Entrance Creative Ways

1-Show Some Talent

2The most wonderful wedding entrance creative way is to show case your talent in form of dance, sing song for the audience, costume theme and mask wear entry. You can greatly choose any one of these talent and present it in front of guests. The couple can sing together in similar costume while entering the wedding area. This will have exciting impact on guests and they will also enjoy your show.

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2-Sparkling and Glittering Entry

3Another grand entry is to use sparkles and glitters. This is a very dreamy idea which every one wishes to have .How do you feel when sparkles and glitters gleaming away in your loved ones hands? .you will absolutely love this creative entry style. This is the best and colorful way to make your wedding entry grand. So, just try out this idea for memorable entry.

3-Dance/Two Step Entry

4Really, what can be the better than dance entry by groom and bride. You can select a favorite song of yours and even take help from chorographer to have a perfect dance routine at least a month before wedding. The two step entry of couple will make everyone say waao and they will enjoy your marriage like never before.

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4-Stylish Entry

5Earlier, we used to have walking entry but now the trends have changed. Why don’t you try stylish entry? Choosing bike entry will be a greatest option for the groom. Every boy has love for its bikes, so try this style in your special day. Groom along with his friends can make entry on bikes; this will give a stylish look of yours. This would be the dhamekadar entry.

5-Dhols Entry

6This is the most popular and lovable entry mainly among Punjabis. Dhols are the traditional form of entry for bride and groom and it is still opted by majority of people. So, if you want to rock your wedding entry. Just choose the Indian band and naghadas to have grand entry.

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6-Lightening Entry

7You must have reading books or watched in TV about this entry idea. The bride entry with fairy tales and funny colorful lightening will steal your heart for sure. The couple will have also have e great pictures with such lightening effect and your guest will also remember this type of creative way.

7-Limousine Entry

8Another grand option is for the groom to enter in luxury car like limousine. If you are having a great budget then tries to go for this grand entry for your marriage. Just spend some on luxury cars to have long lasting impact on audience and of course the bride.

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8-Boat Entry

9Now-days, boat entry is on great trend. People used to choose such locations where there is a pool available to have a grand entry. The pool is decorated with flowers and surrounded the guest to wait for the couple. And then the couple takes their entry on boat running in water. This will be the lovable grand entry to choose for your marriage.

9-Bollywood Concept Entry- 

10The most famous grand entry is bollywood concept. The bride and groom entering like a bollywood celebrities surrounded by the professional dancers .You can even have similar type of outfits like bollywood couples. This will add more charm to your entry.

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10-Entry on Palki

11It might reminds you of diwali when we talk about fireworks. But your wedding is not less than the festivals. The bride is entered in a palki which is hand-pick by her brothers. This is very lovable and lavish grand entry. So, why not choose the palki or doli to have grand entry and welcoming at your wedding venue.

Hence, above given are amazing ways to have grand entry for your marriage. So, read above carefully and select the best one for your wedding.

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