Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals | Gujarati Marriage Rituals, Tradition

Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals

In India, weddings are celebrated with lot fun and enthusiasm and Gujarati wedding is one of the popular one among all. Gujarati weddings are very famous for its livelihood, cheerful colors, and rich style marriages. Even the Gujarati’s are very excited and festive people. There is complete atmosphere of traditional customs and rituals with full enjoyment in Gujarati wedding. Moreover, Gujaratis are very fond of enjoying and celebrating festive occasions especially when it comes to Gujarati wedding.

Gujarati Wedding Customs And Rituals

Marriages symbolize the relationship between two people where mutual understanding develops, healthy relationship and faith. But if we talk about today’s generation, they hardly follow the customs and rituals of marriages. Therefore, we have provided stunning Gujarati wedding customs and rituals. The exclusive blend of rituals and traditions make the Gujarati wedding more special and delight. We have also given pre -wedding, wedding and post- wedding Gujarati rituals. So, if you are searching for Gujarati marriage rituals, tradition, then read below.

Gujarati Marriage Rituals, Tradition

Pre- Marriage Rituals

Chandlo Maatli

2The most loving ceremony is CHANDLO MAATLI which indicates the announcement of marriage in front of all guests. In this pre-wedding ritual, the father of bride with four male members of family visit the groom house with a container of sweets(maatli).And  the bride father bless the groom by applying chandlo on his forehead and give him gifts and cash token in form of blessings. This ritual signifies the acceptation of wedding by both families.

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Gol Dhana 

3GOL DHANA is also called as engagement in which the bride and groom exchange their gold or diamond rings .The family members of bride visit to the groom house or any other venue decided by them. Then after the engagement, gifts and sweets are distributed among all the relatives and guests. The newly engaged couple gets warm wishes and blessings by both families.

Mehandi Ritual 

4The most awaited ceremony is MEHANDI which is performed at bride place two days prior to the marriage. Stunning henna deigns are applied to the hands and feet of bride. And all other females’ friends and relatives take part in this ceremony.

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Sangeet Sandhya

5This pre wedding ritual is mostly known by each one of us. After mehandi ceremony, the Gujarati songs and dance is being organized by the groom and bride family. Earlier, both the families used to celebrate this ceremony separately but now both families get together and enjoy this ritual with great happiness. The SANGEET SANDHYA is performed before one day of wedding where friends, relatives used to perform garbha and dandiya on Gujarati songs.


6Haldi ceremony in Gujarati is called PITHI ritual. In this ceremony, a mixture of sandalwood paste, turmeric, rosewater and oil is applied to hands of bride and groom at their own places. It is believed that turmeric paste moisturizes and provides glow on the skin.

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Wedding Rituals


7The BAARAT ceremony called as varghoda ceremony in Gujarati. It takes place on the wedding day in which the sister of groom waives some coins over the head of groom to protect him from evil spirits. Then the groom departs from the house on mare for his Gujarati wedding. On reaching the destination of gujarti lagan, the groom is greatly welcomed by his sister-in laws and other family member with the prayer and dhol on the entrance.


8The most significant Gujarati wedding ritual is PONKVU which symbolizes the official beginning of wedding. At the entrance of wedding venue, the bride mother welcomed him with prayer and tilak. And the funniest thing is in this ritual is that bride mother try she try to grasp the nose of the groom.

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Next ceremony starts with JAIMALA where the bride and groom exchange their jaimala in front of all family, friends, and guests. The groom and bride are playfully lifted up by their uncles during exchanging garlands. This is the most special Gujarati wedding ritual.

Kanya Daan


Another Gujarati wedding ritual is KANYA DAAN which is conducted by pandit or acharya .The kanya daan begins when bride parents pray for their daughter happiness. They wash the feets of groom and bless him to take care of their daughter in every good or bad times. Then, put the bride hand in groom hand.


11Saat phere or SAPTAPADI is the ends of wedding ritual where the couple take seven rounds around the sacred fire according to the seven mantras recite by the acharya. During sapta padi, both partners promise themselves to be with them, love them, and support each other in every stage of life.

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Post Wedding Rituals


A very emotional beginning of post wedding ritual starts with VIDAAI of bride with tears in her eyes. She bid her farewell by her family, relatives, and friends. Earlier the bride used to take away in a doli but now days she used to depart in well decorated car with his husband.

Gharni Laxmi

13Now, GHARNI LAXMI is the fresh start of bride life. After the vidaai, she is welcomed into a new house with his husband. According to Indian tradition, a new bride symbolizes the form of goddess laximi ji. An aarti is performed by her mother-in law to welcome and bless the couple. The bride kicks the pot of rice and enters her first step in husband house.

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Aeki Beki 

14The most enjoyable Gujarati post wedding ritual is AEKI BAKI which is a traditional game played by the newlywed couple. In this, a container of vermilion and milk is prepared and the rings of couples are put into the mixture. Then ,there is funny competition begin among couple, whoever find the ring first is announced winner and it is believed that the person who find the ring first will have rule over the partner and house.

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