Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals | Pre-Wedding Hindu Customs & Rituals Guide

Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals

Hindu weddings are known for their impressive customs and rituals. They are very bountiful and vast. It last for five to six days. Hindu marriages are known for its outstanding traditions and rituals. In India, Hindu wedding is known as vivah. Moreover, a Hindu marriage is the utmost important devotional custom in Indian religiosity. Hindu wedding indicates the lovable bond between two individuals. However, the most essential segment of Hindu weddings is the pre- marriage rituals which are prepared by the bride and groom families and their dear ones.

Hindu Pre Marriage Rituals

The Hindu customs and rituals are executed as per the beliefs and regional distinction of couple’s families. All the pre-wedding ritual ceremonies are full of joy and celebrated with fun. Every custom is very colorful with happiness which can be reflected on everyone face. The mansions of bride and groom are decorated with colorful lights and flowers. Lot of attention is being given to the pre -wedding rituals in Hindu religion. The Hindu pre marriage customs and rituals consist of ring ceremony, tilak, sangeet function and mehandi. If you are also preparing for a Hindu marriage, then you must know each and every pre- wedding ritual that is celebrated in India. Check the below given Hindu pre marriage rituals. We have provided a phenomenal pre- wedding Hindu customs and rituals guide.

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Pre-Wedding Hindu Customs & Rituals Guide

Ring Ceremony

2Ring ceremony also called as sagai or engagement ceremony. This ritual indicates the formal relationship between two person and their families. It signifies the beginning of a new life. It is the first ritual which is performed by the two soul mates. It is a ritual in which both the couple exchanges their rings which ensure that both of them are hooked. Families and relative exchanged gifts, bouquets and sweets with each other and in fact there is grand lunch or dinner between near and dear ones. People give good wishes and blessing to newly engaged couple for their great future ahead. After this ceremony, the announcement is being given to the guests for further rituals.

Tilak Ceremony

3Tilak ceremony is being followed by the ring ceremony. This ritual signifies the relationship between bride and groom family members. Tilak ceremony is commonly attended by the males, it held at the house of groom or some religious place. It is very religious custom and has lot of importance among Hindus. This religious ceremony is stated with a short pooja for the couples. Every male pray the goodwill of couple. After a religious prayer, the bride`s father present gifts and sweets to the groom and he tilt his head for tilak. After that the groom family offers clothes, jewelry and lot of wishes to the bride.

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Haldi Ceremony

4Another auspicious ritual is haldi ceremonies which is performed for bride and groom both. In this, the married females take the turmeric and oil mixture and rub it to the skin to both of them. This ritual is full of enjoyment and sometimes children also participate in this function and rub the turmeric all over the bride and groom face with naughtiness. The mixture used in turmeric is mainly made to moisturize the skin of couples and to bless them with lots of love.

Mehandi Function

5Mehandi is loved by every female, this is the most craziest and lovable ceremony which is given utmost preference among brides. This ceremony is basically formulated by the family members of bride to give their lovely wishes. Mehandi is beautifully applied to the bride hands and feet and other family members also. This function is organized at the bride residence .The close friends, relatives and all near and dear ones are invited at the mehandi celebration. There is a friendly atmosphere all around happiness, females singing and dancing with full happiness. In fact, after applying the mehandi, the bride is not allowed to go outside the house till marriage. According to social recognition, the more dark is the color of mehandi, the more love will be there between couples.

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6Last pre- wedding ritual is sangeet. It is especially planned for the couples to enjoy being bachelor for last few minutes. Lot of friends and relatives are invited to the sangeet party. A good venue is also decided for sangeet celebration. Earlier, both bride and groom family used to have separate sangeet party but now-days, both families are having joined party together. This helps to strengthen their bond much effectively. Now there is great trend of bachelor and hen(s) party among new generation. There is a happy atmosphere with dance. This ceremony held before a night of wedding.

Hence, we can conclude that Hindu marriages comprise of various customs ad rituals that had given significant importance since many decades. Above given are some excellent Hindu pre marriage rituals with a best guide.

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