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How to Apply For Marriage Certificate in India

How to Apply For Marriage Certificate in IndiaMarriage certificate is considered as very important credentials in India. It is a legal proclamation which signifies the marriage of two people. In short, it is an official proof of marriage. In India, the government is responsible to issue this document after the marriage gets registered. Marriage affidavit may be desired for various reasons like during child custody, during dissolution of marriage, women feel secure at society, convenient to getting visa, and etc. A very important thing you must know is that Indian marriages are liable to register under the Hindu marriage Act 1955 and Special marriage Act 1954 and Parsi marriage Act.  

The people who fall in Hindu category-Brahma, Buddhist, etc can apply the registration under Hindu marriage act, parsi`s are liable to register under parsi marriage and divorce act and rest all category can apply under Special marriage Act. However, earlier it was not necessary to register marriage in India but since 2006, an order by Supreme Court of India made it mandatory to register your marriage mechanism. But unfortunately, there are lots of people who don’t know about the certification process. So, we provide some requisite steps through which you may know how to apply for marriage certificate in India.

Essential Documents Required For Registration-

  • Couple`s address testimony like voter id or passport
  • Application form dully filled by couple
  • 2 marriage images
  • 2 photographs of passport sized
  • Birth testament of couple
  • Copy of wedding card
  • Self attested credentials
  • Name of 3 wedding observers
  • Place of wedding with complete address
  • Adhaar card


Procedure Under Hindu Marriage Act-

Step 1– Download the application form by clicking on your register website of state.

Step2- Fill your complete personal details like name, date of birth, etc.

Step3- Take the trademark of your marriage eyewitness.

Step4- Paste your couple picture on the application form.

Step5– Sign on your pasted photograph.

Step6-Submit the filled applications form to the registrar.

Step7-After satisfy with above proceeding, certificate of marriage will be disseminated by marriage officer.

Procedure Under Special Marriage Act-

Step1-Firstly, the couple has to give a notice to the marriage officer after 30 days of their marriage.

Step2-If officer is satisfied with the above completion, and then the couple is allowed to appear before the jurisdiction within 60 days of consideration. To get marriage certificate, you must be having 3 witnesses along with you.

Step3- After this, the marriage officer will commemorate your marriage as per the rule.

Step4- The marriage certificate will be issued by the officer.

Step-5-In the last step, the couple along with the eyewitness will sign on marriage certificate.

Procedure Under The Parsi And Divorce Act-

Step1-First of all a Parsi preacher will commemorate your marriage.

Step2- The couple and 3 eyewitness signatures will be obtained by the Parsi preacher to issue the marriage affidavit.

Step3 –Then send the obtained certificate for notarization with its prescriptive fees to marriage officer.

Time Deadline For Registration

If you come under the Hindu and Parsi category then you can apply your marriage registration anytime you feel like after your marriage. But if you belong to the Special marriage category, then you have some time limit to get our marriage certificate. You are require to follow these vital points-

  1. Within 30 day of notice by applier, if there will be no objection by the officer. Then with the reference to below conditions, your marriage will be certified as registered.
  2. You must be living with your spouse till 30 days from your marriage.
  3. Any of one should not be a minor or of unsound mind at time of amalgamation.

Some Constraints For Marriage Registration

If you or your partner is a minor or a moron then you are not liable to apply for certification as per Hindu marriage and Special marriage Act.

If your relationship with spouse is illegal, then also you cannot apply for certification.

Cost For Applying Registration

22The expense for application form under Hindu marriage Act is only 5 Rs with the authenticate copy of 10 Rs. And the cost of predetermined marriage notice along with marriage ceremony is 13 Rs .In addition, an authenticate copy of 2 Rs under Special marriage Act. And the expense is very less for authenticate copy of marriage certificate- 2Rs under Parsi marriage Act.

So in short, you can apply for the marriage certificate within just 20 Rs approximately. It will be very cost effective to get your marriage register by following few steps. We hope that above given steps will help you a lot.

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