How To Choose Bridal Jewellery | Wedding Jewelry Tips For Your Marriage Dress

How To Choose Bridal Jewellery

The jewellery is the most esteemed thing for the brides. Bridal jewelry is the vital segment of bride`s look at the wedding day. The topmost priority of bride on her wedding day is to look beautiful and perfect with lovely jewllery and wedding attire. Each ornament which is worn by the bride personifies the tradition of Indian culture. Bridal jewelry plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the brides. There is hardly any bride who doesn’t like to wear jewelry on her wedding day. Without it, the bride looks incomplete.

How To Choose Bridal Jewellery

Every woman dream to look queen on her wedding day and bridal jewelry is that auspicious thing which fulfills the dreams .As we know, marriages are established in old times, therefore wearing bridal jewelry is also the old custom which is followed by every bride. Every bride is particular about her jewelry as she wants to look special on her special day of life. But choosing bridal jewelry can be strenuous task; therefore, it should be selected by taking consideration the new trends, fashion, modern lifestyle, skin tone, height, face shape, wedding outfit and many more factors. Do you want to select best bridal jewelry for yourself? We have provided amazing points for how to choose bridal jewelry. Not only this, we have also given brilliant wedding jewelry tips for your marriage dress. 

Wedding Jewelry Tips For Your Marriage Dress

Shop Your Wedding Outfit First

Marriage dress is utmost important. First; shop your marriage dress which ever you want to wear like sari or lehanga. If you want to wear a heavy lehanga then buy jewellery according to that. With heavy lehanga light jewellery will be good choice. But if you are choosing a light work lehanga or sari, then must buy heavy jewellery pieces like necklace, bangles, earnings, mang tikka etc. Apart from this, as you can go for celebs marriage style dress.

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Skin Tone

2Choosing Wedding jewellery is a crucial decision. So, before choosing wedding jewellery, just remember your skin color. Here, we are not giving too much emphasis on white or dark color, but about your glowing skin tone and cool skin tone. These are things are considered most before buying bridal jewellery because these two factors will depend upon which type of jewellery suits on you.

Face Shape

3Before shopping your bridal jewellery, you must understand the shape and structure of your face. Each and every ornament is made according to the suitability of face shape. Every bride has different face shapes, so always take your forehead the utmost priority. If you are having large forehead, then go for big maatha Patti or having small forehead, then choose small mang tikka only.

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Personal Taste And Appearance Is Must

4While buying your bridal jewellery, personal taste and appearance should be considered in your mind. Like, if you are coping jewellery and wedding dress as of your friend or any celebrities. It’s not always possible that it will also suit you. Buying your bridal jewellery must include your personal appearance. Like, if you having a big round face, then go for heavy necklace with earnings and big nose pin. And yes, make sure that nose pin you choose should be studded with diamond.

Try To Buy Flexible Jewellery

5It will be a great choice if you prefer buying flexible jewellery pieces which you can repeat it in other occasions also. However, while buying bridal jewellery, cost is a significant factor. If you are having low budget, then buy simple gold necklace with decent earrings but if you have a high budget to spend at your bridal jewellery then, have huge pendent sets ,bangles, forehead accessories of diamond .

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While Selecting Earnings, Consider Your Hairstyle

6In most of the weddings we have seen, bride carrying bun as hair style with small earnings. But now-days, women’s also prefer to carry hair open if they have short hairs. So, it depends upon your length of hairs, and of course hairstyle which type of earnings will look perfect with it.

Wedding Ring

7The wedding ring is biggest segment of jewellery. A wedding ring signifies the relationship between you and your partner. So, it should be perfect one. This is the jewellery piece which you will wear for long so it will be good if choose solitaire diamond .it will be comfortable to wear as well as looks elegant also.

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Bridal Jewellery According To Height

8We have divided this tip into three parts for all height groups. So, if you are worried about your height, which jewellery will suits to you? Then no need to take tension any more. We have given amazing tips for every height group.

Small Height

9If you are having the 5`5 around height, then choose the pendent and necklace set which is below the waist. This style of jewellery will present your looks perfect. And try to choose traditional form of earnings that have rectangular or oval shape.

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Medium Height

105`4 till 5`6– In such case, you don’t need any extra efforts to make yourself look taller. This is the average and perfect height which allows you to wear any type of necklace, but it should be medium in length and designer also.

Tall Height 5`7` Above

11Yes that will be very great if your height is above 5`7`.this is just amazing, you can easily carry your heavy designer lehanga with heavy jewelries .You can choose neckline type of necklaces and a kamar band will add more elegancy in your look. Wear hanging earnings.

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Hence, having a perfect and best bridal jewelry is the wish of every bride. You can choose your bridal jewelry according to your marriage dress very effectively by following above given outstanding tips to look gorgeous.

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