How To Marry A Manglik Dosha Girl | Non- Manglik Boy Marriage With Manglik Girl

How To Marry A Manglik Dosha Girl

Since ancient times, people rely on astrology to match their kundlis with their partner. Horoscope in India is the oldest tradition which is still followed after the relation between two people gets finalized. Manglik dosh is the most crucial issue now-days. This is the main component on which your whole marriage life depends. In matchmaking, people used to check the manglik dosha before finalized the marriage. More than else, Hindu traditions rely on matchmaking a lot. They believe all such traditions to a great extent. As per the astrological view, it is said that if your mars is placed in 1, 4, 7 and 8 house, then manglik dosha can occurs in your life. An individual who takes birth in such condition is known as manglik.

How To Marry A Manglik Dosha Girl

However, manglik dosh is considered bad in Hindu traditions, as it can lead to discomfort, issues and tensions in marriage life. Even, it is also believed that if any non manglik girl/boy marry to a manglik person then, he can loss his/her life also. But if a manglik is married to a manglik then there will be no worries. Manglik dosha also differ from individual to individual. But it is believed that it can bring various obstacles in married life. However, today generation is modern; they hardly believe in such things and are in favor to marry a manglik or non manglik. But still there are people who are very particular about horoscope, so, below we have given some remedies/solutions for non-manglik boy who want to marry a manglik girl. Read below how to marry a manglik dosha girl and to perform non-manglik boy marriage with manglik girl.

Non- Manglik Boy Marriage With Manglik Girl


Solutions For Manglik Dosha


Vishnu Vivah, Aswatha Vivah And Kumbha Vivah

If you are non Manglik boy and want to marry a Manglik girl then you have to go through these three types of marriage-Vishnu vivah, aswatha vivah and kumbha vivah. In Hindu religion, kumbha vivah is also termed as ghada vivha in which a non-Manglik boy has to marry with a ghada (pitcher), and after marriage, have to break it.

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Devotion To Lord Ganeshji

4The best remedy is to worship a lord Ganesh ji everyday to reduce the ill effects of Manglik dosh. If possible, try to place an orange or red color ganeshji in puja place and worship it with full devotion.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa

5Another best possible remedy for marrying a Manglik girl is to read hanuman chalisa in front of the idol of hanuman ji. This remedy will definitely help to remove manglik dosha and you can live a peaceful life ahead.

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Feed Small Pets

6The Manglik girl should feed the small pets and birds with some wheat balls and sweets. This is one of the most effective remedy for those who want to marry manglik girl.

Placed Ivory In House

7Our Indian culture believes that if a Manglik person keeps an ivory or haathi dant in their house, then his/her Manglik dosh eventually get diminished.

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Worship Banana Tree With Milk

8Try to visit temple daily and worship the banana tree by taking its rounds and praying in mind. And pour some milk on banana tree daily to minimize bad effects of manglik dosha.

Donate Clothes

9To minimize the negative effects of manglik dosha, try to donate some clothes of red color to those people who work in iron factory or place. Provide them red color handkerchief or something who work with jagged iron utensils.

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Gayatri Mantra

10Every morning speak the gayatri mantra about 108 times or 56 times in a day. This will bring positive impact in your life and you will have good married life.

Visit Temple Of Hanuman Ji

11Every Tuesday, go to hanuman ji temple and worship him with speaking this mantra-“om shree hanumate namah”. After the short pooja, distribute hanuman ji sindoor and sweets among poor people.

So, those people who really believe in horoscope and manglik dosha, then follow above given remedies to minimize its negative impacts on married life.

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