Ideal Age Difference In Marriage | Perfect Age Gap Between Husband And Wife

Ideal Age Difference In Marriage

Since past times, age gap has been considered one of the most conspicuous factors in marriage. It is very crucial when it comes about successful and long lasting married relationship. If we consider the perspective of our older generation like grandparents, they used to consider the age gap very seriously. In their times, the girls are married before they attained the age of puberty and boy also get marriage in small age. The age difference is very large between husbands and wives.

Ideal Age Difference In Marriage

If there is perfect age gap between husband and wife, then it will not only strengthen their relationship but also enhance mutual understanding among couples. There must be a particular age gap between partners which let them easily participate in each other decisions, communicate their point of views .The age gap should not be too less and too much between couples. It should be at an average level to develop love and peace in married life.

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According to the survey conducted from about 3000 people, they believed that if there is a large gap between males and females, then there are more chances of separation or divorce as compared to smaller age gap. It’s not that the couple having a smaller age gap will not likely to have divorced, but there the divorce rate or less. If there is five-six year age gap between husband and wife, then, there are 20 percent chances of divorce.

The divorce rate increases to 40 percent when there is ten year age gap between couples and the most appalling fact is if there is more than 15 years age gap between couples, then the separation rate rises to 95-100 percent. Therefore, there should be some ideal age differences in marriage. Those who want to know the perfect age gap between husband and wife, discover this content attentively.

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Perfect Age Gap Between Husband And Wife

Age difference is especially considered in arranged marriages if we compared this factor with love marriages. However, in love marriages, people do not considered the age difference very much. Like this modern world with new generation hardly consider the age gap in their relationship. But the arranged marriages are fixed by our parents, elders. So, they gave huge importance to age differences in arranged marriages. And according to social awareness, the longer the couples stay with each other, less chances of divorce. Most of us think that what should be the ideal age difference in marriage? This question mainly arises in our mind due to below given probabilities-

  • You love anyone who is either greater or less than perfect age gap for marriage.
  • Your elders are pressurizing you to get marry with someone very elder to you.

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Hence, it depends upon different religions, how much age gap they prefer in marriage. But the perfect age gap between husband and wife should be at least 3-5 years to have a healthy and successful relationship.

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