Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage, Which Is Better? Pros & Cons Of Both

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage Vs Arranged MarriageMarriage is an imperative social foundation. Every person wants to have suitable partner and this can be possible by choosing a good criteria. If we talk about Love marriage and Arranged marriage, both processes have different criteria. Let’s begin with Love marriage; we can signify its meaning from its name itself. In this individual chooses his soul mates itself only. Love marriages are widely preferred in almost every part of India due to modern outlook. While on other hand, in Arranged marriages, family and society of individual plays an important role in choosing a perfect partner.

The conceptualization of Arranged marriage is very much appreciated in India. People who believe in Arranged marriage prefer getting married with the consent and wishes of their family member. In this page, we have discussed both Love marriage and Arranged marriage with its pros and cons. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you like to pick Arranged marriage or Love marriage.

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Wonderful Pros & Cons of Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage



  • Love marriage is best for those individuals who want their partner as per their suitability. It means individual has complete right to select his partner.
  • It is perfect for western and modern lifestyle. In such a culture, Love marriage results in appreciation by friends and family.
  • In Love marriage, people do know its negative effects. Individual are mellowed enough to decide what is wrong and right for them.
  • It will be easy for both the partners to adjust according to each other needs and preferences. In Love marriage, each partner is already aware about the traits characteristics, qualities of spouse.
  • Love marriage brings a feeling of Love and affection with strong emotions and this pleasure is unimaginable.
  • It strengthens the bond between partners. In Love marriage, you can easily and openly share your secrets with your partner without any suspicion.
  • Love marriage creates good mutual understanding between partners. So, whenever any difficult situation arises, then it can be sought out by their great bonding and Love.
  • The most important pros of Love marriage are that there is no tension regarding intercastes. Individual who prefer Love marriage can freely do without any suspicion of kundli match making, religion, customs and traditions.

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  • Love marriages are mostly based on physical temptation. So, whenever it gets ends then the relationship also comes to an end. Love is fanaticism of affection and affection never remains same.
  • It’s easy to Love but difficult to carry on. A doubt will always remain in your mind after Love marriage whether you have chosen right person or not.
  • Whenever any contingency arises, family and relatives stay out of your personal problems.
  • If you are planning to do Love marriage and your parents are against you, then there will be no response and stake from your parents. And both of you feeling lonely.
  • Most of the Love marriages have resulted in separation and divorce.
  • When you Love marriage will begin, various changes in your partner behavior will take place. It might be that your partner priorities will get changed after marriage.
  • Various financial issues take place after Love marriage as individuals don’t have much support from their parents and families. And this can have bad effect on their relationship.
  • In Love marriages, individual may get bored from his married life and may cheat on his partner or make relationship with other person.

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Arranged Marriage



  • Arranged marriages have brilliant support from their families and society. The couple gets admired by everyone.
  • It is based on religion, culture, caste and norms. Individuals have to follow all the traditions that are significant in Indian culture.
  • According to social viewpoint, Arranged marriages last longer and there are less chances of divorce.
  • In Arranged marriage, the partners do not know each other already before the marriage. After marriage, they started knowing each other and gradually develop feeling from each other. This makes their relationship much strong.
  • Each and every parent think good for the sake of their child, takes decision which are in good faith for them. In Arranged marriages also, parents take the marriage decision by selecting a suitable life partner for their child. And when they arranged marriage, their children live their life happily with their parent’s blessings.
  • Mutual respect is always there in Arranged marriages as elder give their blessing and warm wishes to the couple.
  • In Arranged marriage, the relationship is built not only between two people but between two families.

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  • The most important disadvantage of Arranged marriage is that partners feel unsecure and uncomfortable after marriage because they are unaware about each other lifestyle.
  • The most important thing in Arranged marriage is that both partners have same meditating. But at many times, individuals have totally different nature and behavior which cause troubles in their married life.
  • Most of the times, there is family pressure on individual to marry a particular person but in reality he Love someone else .In that case, the individual will never accept his real life partner. The third person may extinguish the life of both the persons.
  • In India, still the child marriage is performed in which society pressurize a minor to married a senior person to gain monetary benefits. And this totally destroys the life of minor.
  • Sometimes, arranged marriage result in legitimate agreement between two families or business friends. In this case also, life of individual gets destroyed to achieve financial relief.
  • Arranged marriages are occupied with lots of traditions and customs which create difficulties for new bride to adjust according to the new family lifestyle.

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However, we can say both Love marriage and Arranged marriage have given lot of importance by the people since many decades. But some people strictly follow the traditions culture and prefer Arranged marriage with the consent of their elders. On the other hand, some have great opinion regarding Love marriage and prefer to choose their partner itself as per their own choice. Both types of marriages are better as they have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can read the above given pros and cons of both types of marriage and decide yourself  whether to have Love marriage or Arranged marriage.

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