Perfect Age To Get Married | Right Age For Man/Woman To Tie The Knot

Perfect Age To Get Married

In today’s modern world, there is no definite perfect age to get married. Whenever people feel that they are ready to carry the responsibilities of their spouse, then they consider it the right age. However, age is the most significant component in marriage life. Age signifies whether you are ready to take new responsibilities, Burden on yourself or not. The most important thing is that you should be mentally prepared for your new marriage life.

Perfect Age To Get Married

In this complex world, most of the marriages are resulting in divorce due to lack of mutual understanding. Therefore, it’s very important to completely prepare before you want to get married. Any ways, whatever the situation can be but we all think once to settle our life with our dream soul mate at some decided age. According to our Indian law, 18 is the legal age of marriage for females and 21 is the legal age for males to get married. However, there are strict rules that have to follow by the people in order to get married at specified age. So, if you are looking a perfect age then read below given essential tips for perfect age to get married. We have given right age for man/woman to tie the knot. Read below tips carefully for happy married life.

Right Age For Man/Woman To Tie The Knot


2The most important thing is maturity of person. First you must know that are you mature enough to accept a new person and a new family in your married life or not. Maturity come by the age, when an individual gets younger, his skills, and maturity level get increases as time passes. Therefore, an individual should be mature to deal with his/her life partner properly .This will helps to increase the mutual understanding between them as well as have happy married life in future 

Financial Status

3Another most important aspect is financial status or financial background of a person. According to the social view point, our society is divided into two main classes rich and poor. So, it’s considered that a rich male or female age probability is around 27.Or we can say that there is no perfect age for rich people. Whenever they want to get married, they perform it. On the other side, a poor person has to wait for long to get a suitable partner because he is poor, no one wants to tie know with him, even he is a nice person. But our social perception says so.

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Legal Structure 

4Legal system of India is very strict and everyone has to follow their own made rules and regulations. However, it is illegal to marry a minor as per Indian law act. India legal structure says that 18 are the perfect age for girls to tie the knot. It is essential to follow the legal age- 18 for females and 21 for males. According to Indian law, if you marry below above given respective ages then it is considered as void in eyes of law and you will be liable for the committed acts.

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Family Pressure

6It had been seen in Indian families, that boys and girls are pressurized to get married early. Sometime, family pressure is the biggest factor for perfect marries age. Apart from this, individual religion, caste, sex, culture, financial outcome, social liability, place of birth, etc are very much considered in India. So, the perfect age of person also depend upon all these factors.

Sort Of Job

Another aspect is sort of job which describes your right age to marry. Every individual has different opinion regarding the occupation of partner they want to marry. In India, people prefer to marry the private job person more as compare to government job people. For a government job person, the probability for the marriage is very high due to stable job. And the probability of marriage in private job is uncertain because he can lose his job anytime.

Self Satisfaction

7Your marriage ratio also depends upon yours self -satisfaction. You should have positive attitude that you have enough money to keep your spouse happy and satisfied. But if you think that all boys and girls demand very much, and then this is not the perfect time to get marry. So, change your perception, there are people who don’t want your money but your love and care.Try to make yourself self satisfied first to get marry.

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Ancient India

8Earlier, the rules and regulation regarding marriage is very different as compared to modern India. Earlier, the death rate among people is quite high and this is the reason for early marriage. During that time, males and females both get married early because they have to bear the kids also. If we talk about females, they used to get married after attaining the age of puberty. So, this trend is used to be followed earlier.

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Modern India 

9Now is the age of modern India with full developed new responsibilities, high expectations, new ways of experiencing life and many more. With growing opportunities, India is changing into a well developed nation. Here, both males and female have different viewpoints for marriage. They want to get married late near round 25 or 28. So, this is the main difference between old and modern India which gives an idea, and how Indians are changing their mind set regarding perfect age to get married.

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All Set To Take New Responsibilities

10Another tip is new responsibilities which indicates you whether you have attained a perfect age to tie the knot or not. The modern world is getting developed day by day. Therefore, the duties and responsibilities are also high. So, before you decide to get married, just make sure that are you ready to take new duties and responsibilities? after marriage, you will be having a new member and new family which needs a special attention from your side. So, make sure whether you are ready for this or not. Just ask some of these question to yourself-Are you ready to spend your life with new person?, will your company can fulfill desires of new person?, will you be able to keep your partner happy?.So, just try once by asking these.

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