Post Indian Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies | After Marriage Hindu Rituals

Post Indian Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies

Indian weddings are the momentous time for the bride and groom. Indians are very peculiar about wedding rituals and ceremonies. There are many customs and rituals of the wedding, which basically starts from pre- wedding customs and gets completed with post Indian wedding ritual and ceremonies. After the marriage, there are some rituals left which are celebrated after wedding only, like blessing ceremony to couple, vidai of bride, reception, griha pravesh, bride moo dikhai .Wedding signifies love, affection and commitment and its is the most memorial part of life. Wedding is a special occasion for both the bride and the groom.

Post Indian Wedding Rituals

So, the rituals and customs does not get end on wedding day only, there are lot of ceremonies that celebrated with lot of happiness.However,if you want to know about the ceremonies and rituals that are celebrated after wedding, then read the below given auspicious after marriage Hindu rituals. So, here we will discuss about the post Indian wedding rituals and ceremonies

After Marriage Hindu Rituals


2This is the most heartwarming and touching post wedding ritual. Vidai signifies the bride farewell from her house after the complete marriage. During vidaai, the bride is been taken with her parents and family members to depart her. Earlier, the bride is to be departed in a palanquin bout now-days its custom that the brother push the bride and groom car with happiness. The bride is sprinkle with love and blessing from her family and all friends. The bride emotionally says bye to her lovable parents and family members. Although it’s very emotional moment, the bride and all the family members express their feeling with cry. The moment of vidai ceremony is highly sentimental for the bride, her relatives and friends. The parents of bride depart her with gifts and good wishes for her married life.

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Wedding Reception-

3To recall the beautiful memories of wedding day, the wedding reception takes place. This post wedding ceremony is highly celebrated with full of enjoyment. The wedding reception is basically organized by the groom’s side. The parents of groom throw the grand party to celebrate the special day of their son and to welcome new bride of the family. The wedding reception is mainly conducted on a large scale where all family members, friends and relatives of the groom and bride are invited to the party. This grand occasion bring a charm on the face of new couple .The bride is also introduced to the family members of groom. This ceremony is complete fun where guests dance, eat and celebrate the togetherness of new couple.

Dwar Rokai-

4Dwar rokai is very famous Indian tradition of post wedding ceremony .After the marriage, when for the first time the couple enters the dwar of house. When the couple about to enter the house, then they are stopped by groom sisters. The sisters demand cash or gifts from the brother to get entered the house. Then the groom offers some cash and gift to his sisters to make them allow for entering the house. Dwar rokai is another important post Indian wedding ceremony.

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Grah Pravesh-

5Next post wedding ceremony is grah pravesh; this takes place when sisters allow the couple to enter the house. The bride is greatly welcomed by her elders or mother in law. The mother does the aarti and tilak of new couple and both of them achieved the blessing or ashirvad fro elders. Then the bride is asked to kick the rice kalash with right foot to enter. According to the Indian tradition, when the bride first time placed her foot on the new house, then it is considered very precious because the bride is considered from of goddess laxmi.The bride is to placed her feet’s in vermillion to leave the marks of footprint.

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Mooh Dikhai-

6The last post wedding ceremony is mooh dikahi, where new bride is introduced to each family member and relatives. The bride is offered with lot of lovely blessing, gifts and sweets. During mooh dikahi, each family member individually removes the duppatta of bride to see her face and say good wishes to her ears. In this ceremony, the newlywed couple also participates in interesting games that are also part of rituals. However, the funny games and enjoyment is just to make the bride happy so, she feels comfortable in new house with new people.

All above given post wedding rituals and ceremonies are very important especially for new bride. So, that they can easily adjust and have good understanding with new family members.

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