Pre-Wedding Diet Plan For Bride | Tips To Lose Weight Before Marriage

Pre-Wedding Diet Plan For Bride

Girls are very particular about their perfect body and want to look splendid on their most precious moment of lives marriage. It is a journey which is predictable to last until the end of the life. Finally, the day is not so far to start a new chapter of your life. Lots of things regarding wedding preparations must be functioning in your mind. It might be that you are engrossed in your marriage day preparations .But the most important thing is you have to look astonishing among all. So, Make sure to take care of your skin, diet plan, hairs etc. to look best at your special day. Majority of females must be wondering about their weight loss and looking for measures to get a perfect body shape. Wedding preparations are very stressful; therefore, it can be an arduous task to manage everything especially to have perfect body figure.

Pre-Wedding Diet Plan For Bride

But most of them wind up with high body weight due to swamped schedules, regular ceremonies, stress, etc. The females having heavy weight need not to worry about, we know each one of you want to look marvelous at your wedding day but that doesn’t mean you will go beyond limits to lose your weight like skipping meals, unhealthy diet. All these things must be avoided, instead it you should follow our given pre-wedding diet plan for bride. We have taken enough care that you look fabulous on your wedding day, just considered the tips to lose weight before marriage below-

Tips To Lose Weight Before Marriage

Proper Sleep 

2Sleep is the major factor which is ignored by the girls especially after they got hooked. Remember, appropriate sleep is very significant if you want to lose weight. Sleep is an essential element which is responsible for weight loss. To have glowing skin on your wedding day, sleep is a great constituent. Good sleep balance the hormones that are responsible for your hunger as well as it helps to check the appetites. Sleep well to see fruitful results.

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3This is the tip which every one of you must be familiar with. To look gorgeous with perfect body shape, prepare a schedule for workout. Here we doesn’t mean exercise only, you can do any form like yoga, dance, meditation .All these things helps to burn fat from the body and results in lose weight within short period of time.

Drink Enough Water

4Yes, you heard it right! Water is a superb ingredient which removes the excess fat, toxins form the body. If you drink enough water throughout the day, then you will see a miracle and change in yourself in from of healthy and beautiful body with vibrant skin. Every bride must drink plenty of water to lose weight fast before marriage.

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Breakfast Is Necessary

5According to expert studies, it has been observed that breakfast is the major meal which is skipped by most of the females. But do you know breakfast is a healthy meal that keeps your body refreshed by rising up metabolism. You can simply avoid the high saturated fat meals like sweets, full cream milk etc. Consider this fact that having breakfast can easily help to lose weight because people eat breakfast tend to consume less meals afterwards as compared to them who skip breakfast.

Say No To Alcohol

6Alcohol plays a vital role in weight gain. Try to limit it because wine, beer, alcohol all these things have high calories. Instead of choosing alcohol you can have mock tails, fruit juice, energy drinks, etc to maintain your body weight.

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Do Not Consume Sugar Cravings Foods

7Girls are very fond of sweet dishes. But if you want to reduce your weight before marriage, then say bye to sweet dishes. Try to not to undertake peanut butter, desserts, fast foods, cakes, sweets, non-veg etc because these are the things which can spoil all your weight loss endeavor.

Bride Diet Chart For Weight Loss 


4 Months Prior Your Wedding

Early morning  1 glass of Green tea +4 soaked almonds
Breakfast  sprouts, salads, fruits
Brunch  eat any 1 fruit
Lunch  2 chapatis+salad+vegetables
Evening  1 glass of fruit juice or a cup of soup
Dinner  1 chapatti+ 1 small bowl of brown rice and curd
Bedtime  1 cup toned milk

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1 Month Prior Your Wedding

Early morning  lemon water or green tea
Breakfast  Fruits
Brunch  1 cup of salad
Lunch  1 chapatti+ vegetable+ yogurt
Evening  prefer tomato soup
 Dinner  1 cup of brown rice+ salad+ green vegetable
Bedtime  1 cup normal milk

Hence, we have given a perfect pre-wedding diet chart for you which can be easily followed. So, fulfill your goals to look perfect on your wedding day by just following above given effective tips. Brides, now it’s no more difficult for you all to lose weight before your wedding.

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