10 Secrets Girls Never Tell Their Partner | Top Secrets They Want To Hide

10 Secrets Girls Never Tell Their Partner

Marriage is a bond which is based on love and trust. As, we know that women carries a separate life with a lot of secrets. The reasons can be anything like- she doesn’t want to share her secrets with anyone. The reason can be anything but indirectly its affecting the married life about share. Most of the females withhold their secrets. It is true that females are sometimes difficult to understand, but to have a happy relationship, mutual understanding is necessary. Have you ever tried to know what women are thinking? If you are husband then you should know that wives do not pretend as they actually are. A good and happy married life demand mutual understanding and truth. But all females are not same, they keep shocking secrets to themselves and never tell their partner.

10 Secrets Girls Never Tell Their Partner

However, the reasons can be for positive or negative results. But do you know that secret which girls hide from their partners can have adverse effects on their relationship. So, if you are a guy and having doubts that your partner is hiding something from you. No need to worry then, we have given 10 secrets girls never tell their partner. And also if you want to know top secrets they want to hide then read the below given excellent points-

Top Secrets They Want To Hide

Make Up Assortment

2The biggest secrets of females are they keep make up assortment with them all the time. Have you ever thought how they managed to look beautiful all day? Women always try to wonder their partners to think about their prettiness. What is the reason behind beauty? However, some of the men do know that girls are having makeup on their skin but some men do not the secret that they always keep makeup kit with themselves.

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Fear For Another Women-

3Another top secret is that women have hidden secrets regarding other women in their partner life. She might be afraid that her partner could get attracted to any other women. This is really a bad experience for women. They always keep in their hearts and worry about their husbands.

Women Agree With Partner Space-

4This secret is hardly known by few males only. According to the survey, most of the women have no problem with their spouse space. Women pretend that they do not like their husband to spend time with their friend for watching cricket matches, playing football, drinking alcohol with peers. But inside she agrees with their husband space. It’s just that she might be feeling depletion of attention.

Jealousy-A Major Secret-

5A woman’s jealous more as compared to men. She might pretend in front of her partner that she does not jealous with any other girl or if her husband is talking to any other female. She will behave very nicely with smile in front of her husband but inside she fell very jealous like she is burning from inside.

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A Big Lie On Shopping-

6Women love to do shopping. As, it makes them feel very happy and refreshed. But do you know most of the times, they lie about their shopping. She might be going for shopping any small grocery items, but usually buy something for her also. And hide from their partners. And even they hide the high prices from their partners by saying that” I had purchased on discount.”

Yes Women Do Check Phones-

7If you are a male then be careful from now with your phone. Women have bad habit of checking their partner’s phones and emails. Wives always have some doubt regarding their partner’s honesty. So, she always looks for a secret time to check her partner phone.

Extra Marital Affair-

8Another top secret is women do have extra marital affair which result in divorce and separation. If you are a married male, then this top secret can make you tensed a lot. Extra marital affair is considered nothing in this modern world, this is just considered as normal thing by people. If your wife is not behaving good with you, or having arguments then maybe she is having relationship with other guy and hiding from you.

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Women Want Gifts And Surprises-

Valentine: Man Surprises Woman With Valentine PresentEvery female is crazy for the surprises. It may be that she did not say anything to the partner to give her surprises repeatedly but inside she wants really wants gifts. It’s a fact that even a small gift can make a woman happy; she only wants her partners concerned and love towards her. So, if you are a married men , then just try to understand your partners wishes and make her feel happy so that she didn’t keep secrete from you.

Women Hide Her Past-

10Almost every female had her past .But after marriage she never open this secret in front of her husband. But if she is sincere then she will herself tell her past to her husband .The major reason can be that wives don’t want their relationship to be ruin. Therefore, she never shares her past secrets to her partner.

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Females Share More Things With Friends-

11Every female has their best friend like to share her gossip and secrets to her friend more as compared to their partner. Even a small talk is being shared to their best friends. Women think that their best friends can better understand them.

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