Sikh Wedding Customs And Rituals | Pre & Post Sikhism Marriage Rituals

Sikh Wedding Customs and Rituals

India is very much concerned about their traditions; culture and rituals. Sikh marriages are quiet amazing and last for four to five days. Sikh weddings are not similar to Hindu weddings. Sikh weddings are performed in very simple manner. And it is very convenient to follow each and every ritual and customs practices.

Sikh Wedding Customs and Rituals

Sikh marriage is also known as Anand Karaj which is celebrated in Gurudwara to gain the blessing of Guru Granth sahib ji. The customs and religious practices are the most significant part of Sikh marriages. It is the essence of natural love and enthusiastic grandeur. According to the tradition of Sikhs, most of the Sikh marriages are performed in the morning but each community has its different traditions. Like, do you know now there is no objection of love marriage in Sikh community as earlier it was not accepted. So, if you’re a Sikh and getting married, then you must know Sikh wedding customs and rituals. We have given impressive pre & post Sikhism marriage rituals that are performed in India-

Pre & Post Sikhism Marriage Rituals

Pre-Wedding Rituals


2The first pre -wedding Sikh ritual is roka ceremony. Roka takes place when the parents of both bride and groom agree to the marriage. In this, an elder member of each family performs ardaas to bless the couple. After this, the bride gets gifts, chunni and blessing by her mother-in law. The bride mother also offers a token gift to his future son -in -law. Roka ceremony is done to indicate that both the person will not get any more marriage offer in future. During this ceremony, the dissemination of engagement also takes place.

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3After roka ceremony, sagai is being organized by the bride side. In this ceremony, the groom family went to the bride`s house and offers bride new clothes, jewellery and sweets. Sagai takes place between couples in front of Sikh holly books with lovely blessings and kirtans. Then finally; the couples exchange their rings and become part of each other lives.


4As name suggest, sangeet is the most enjoyable and happy ceremony where all relatives, family members, bride and groom dance with each other. Now day’s couples pre-planned their dance performance prior to the engagement. All guests eat, drink, dance and with love and happiness.

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5The most important Sikh ceremony is mehandi which is very significant for the bride and especially all female members. In the Sikh tradition, friend of bride make the beautiful henna deigns on the hands and feet of bride. Then the bride is supposed to paste her hands on the wall of house to leave her memories.

Gana And Vatna-

6Another pre -wedding Sikh ritual is gana and vatna .in this ritual a marvelously designed thread with stones is tied to the bride and groom`s left hand. And every female member of house is supposed to tie the gana on their wrists for better fortune. Vatna is just takes place before one day of marriage. In vatna ceremony; turmeric paste with oil is rubbed into the hand of bride and groom by relatives and friends.

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Choora Chadana –

7This ceremony is the most favorite one of most of the females. They love to wear choora and eagerly wait for this day. The choora ceremony means when bride wear the red and silver color bangles in her wrists. This ceremony is fulfilled by bride maternal uncle and aunt. First the choora is get dipped in pure water or katchi lassi, then her uncle pray for her good married life in front of guru granth sahib and adorn bride with choora which is believed to get best wishes in her married life.

Sehrabandi And Ghodi Chadna- 

8The two last Sikh pre- wedding ceremonies are sehrabandi in which sisters of groom tie sehra on her brother head and a sarbala is also prepared to remain with groom until wedding ceremony done. Then groom is escorted to the beautifully decorated mare and they start the journey of their wedding.

Wedding Rituals 

9After the pre wedding ceremonies, wedding is the main concentration. On this auspicious day, the sisters of groom tie a beautiful veil on forehead of groom. The milni ceremony takes places where both family members hug each other with full love and enthusiasm. Then ardaas takes place in gurudwara and groom and bride take four vows around the guru granth sahib to have great future married life by seeking their blessings.

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Post-Wedding Rituals 


10After marriage, the bride is supposed to wear the clothes and accessories that are gifted by her mother in law. Now, its time to say goodbye to the family, the bride throw the rice on male members and depart from her house. The bride and her parents get sentimental during this ceremony, and her brothers take her to the groom car. Then she leaves her own home and prepared to welcome in new house. To make the doli special, a wonderful dinner is organized by the in -laws of bride to enjoy her arrival.


11Reception is very memorable moment which makes the wedding memories refreshed. It is usually celebrated by the groom parents to have a warm welcome for new bride. The new bride is also introduced to family and relatives of groom side. She is greeted with various surprises and blessing by guests.

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Pag Phera-

12The last post wedding ritual is phere pauna, it means after the wedding, when bride first time visits her mothers home. During this ceremony bide is offered lots of gifts, accessories, clothes, sweets and token gifts. This post wedding ritual signifies the end of Sikh wedding.

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