Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Designs In 2017 | Trending Designer Lehengas

Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Designs

Wedding is the most precious and exclusive occasion for every bride. Every girl wishes to look like a queen on her wedding day. Wedding is a pulpit for every girl to begin her new life. To look amazing on this precious day, wearing designer lehengas play an important role. Since ancient time, lehenga cholis are in Indian culture. Designer lehenga enhance the women beauty of girls. Wedding is the most significant function that demand intense selections of lehenga .We have different type of people with their different preferences and choices. Some girls wish to have simple and stylish wedding lehenga with less work and some want to have traditional look by choosing heavy embroidered work lehenga. The bride is the center of attraction by everyone. She must look like the most gorgeous bride on her wedding day.

Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Designs

And to make her feel like most stunning women, amazing bridal lehenga is essential. Three things come into the mind while we talk about wedding lehenga-charm, style and standard feeling. Almost every girl wants to wear the latest designer’s lehengas that are in current trends. There are lots of options available for the bride to choose from variety of lehengas designs. The pattern, stuff, deigns, bright color, fabric all have to be kept in mind while selecting a best perfect wedding lehenga. Now days, fabulous patterns and lehenga designs are available with superb embroidery and contemporary cuts. We have given the top 10 wedding lehenga designs in 2017.Now no need to worry about your perfect wedding lehenga. Just check below the trending designer lehengas.

Trending Designer Lehengas

Circular Design Lehenga

2This type of lehenga is very popular and traditional from. As it name speaks circular, the skirt or lehenga has a wide flare in from of circle. Circular lehenga has broad volume of fabric with multiple pleats that gives a perfect look. If you want to have great volume of fare I your lehenga, then choose flared lehenga with light embroidery work.

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Fish Cut Lehenga

3This style of lehenga is inspired by the fairy tales. This design of lehenga is best suited for the girls who present themselves as fairy. These types of lehenga are basically high in length which is tight from the lower legs and nice flare from foreleg like a fish tail.

Straight Cut Lehenga

4This form of lehenga has straight length shape that automatically fit as per the body shape. It doesn’t have as much flare as other designer lehengas, whether you are fat or having slim body, straight cut lehenga suit to all body types.

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5Velvet lehengas are in great trends now days, velvet gives finish touch to the entire lehenga pattern. Velvet lehenga with gold embroidery work will look fabulous. They are not so heavy lehenga, one carry it very easily.

Mirror Work Lehenga

6The most elegant and beautiful work which is loved by all females is mirror work lehenga. Isn`t it seems like diamonds are shining on your outfit. If you want to try some western look and shine like a star, then go for mirror work lehenga instead of dori Patti lehangas.

Jacket Style Lehenga

7On upcoming days, jacket style lehenga will be in great trend. Earlier, we used to have jacket style suits only but now with changes in fashion and style, jacket style lehangas are also included in collection. You can have along jacket over your skirt or lehenga. Or you can wear lehenga with crop choli and ankle length jacket.

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Panelled Lehenga

8The most oldest and traditional form of lehengas is panelled lehenga. It has numerous panels that are combined together for wide flare. They are commonly very heavy work lehangas and perfect for bride who want to wear heavy work lehengas.

A – Line Lehenga

9Another designer lehenga is A- style lehengas which look outstanding .It basically flares from bottom to the hem. If you have slim body shape, then choose A-line lehenga. This will work well if you have medium or small height.

Layered Lehenga

10This type of lehengas style is quiet similar with the long skirts. Layered lehengas has lots of ruffles according to choli color contrast. If you are little heavy then must try the layered lehengas to look beautiful.

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Sharara Lehenga

11Nowadays, sharara lehengas is rapidly gaining importance among people. Due to its uniqueness and style, people prefer it a lot. Sharara lehenga has a plaza or broad pant with beautiful embroidery work. It will look amazing if you have tall height.

So, now modernity is gaining utmost important with stylish and designer outfits. Why not try these trending designer lehengas for a change to look amazing and beautiful among all.

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